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Cured Pancetta
Ruliano Spa

Produced from the belly of pork, which is seasoned then rolled into a tubular shape and cured for 3 months. Distinguished by its ribbons of creamy fat, it has a deep, strong, slightly salty flavour...

Pan Agrumato

Whole wheat Pan Agrumato 

By using the Extra Virgin Olive Oil AGRUMATO in the Panettone dough in replacement of butter, we have obtained a sweet that is delicious with a nice soft texture and very h...

Salame Cotto
Borgo Dora

Free from Gluten, Polyphosphates, Glutamate, Milk Derivatives, Soybeans.


Ricca with porcini

Porcini mushrooms are a highly regarded ingredient in Italian cooking, providing a delicate, unique flavour. Paired with pure Italian cheese, this sauce is creamy and indulgent ye...
Barone Drip Decaffeinated
Caffé Barone

You will be treating yourself to a coffee with a very rich flavor contrasted by its clean taste. We also take extra time to carefully roast our coffees separately and then blend them together to ac...

Peeled tomatoes
Range of peeled tomatoes and sauces

Professor Cescon Srl

Prosecco - extra dry

Perfect as an aperitif, it matches pleasantly with fish dishes.


Rosso Umbria Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Robustellini S.r.l.

Valtellina Coppa 

Our Coppa contains no allergens, no milk proteins and it’s gluten free.

Ginger Ale
Monelli Company Srl

Ginger Ale

More delicate than ginger beer, this ginger ale was born to be a mixer.

An excellent partner for rums, gins and spiced spirits.

Crucolo Cheese - the...
This product is made using selected high quality milk. The rind is straw-yellow color, plain and perfectly smoot. The white cheese with well-distributed eyes make this product very characteristic. ...
White Pisano from San Torpé...
Fattoria San Quintino

Grapes 80% Trebbiano, Malvasia 20%, harvesting by hand in crates, fermentation at 0 °, temperature-controlled fermentation between 0-20 ° in stainless steel vats, aging for 3 months in tonneaux.

Mushroom Ravioli
Giovanni Rana

Portobello mushrooms & creamy cheeses wrapped in thin pasta.

Single Origin Cereja...

A special grind makes it excellent for moka, excellent for the American filter.

Mazzoleni Formaggi

Soft cheese with short maturation.

Selection in Blue Oval...
Gay Odin Srl

Intense and delicate flavours blend to perfection in a wooden box, uniquely crafted with exquisite decorations depicting typical Neapolitan landscapes.

Hazelnut Biscuits
Dolciaria A. Loison Srl

Chocolate and Piemonte hazelnuts in a heart-shaped biscuit: the sensation of the sweetest of kisses.


Bulgur e Quinoa Salad
Tasty combination of bulgur and quinoa Pedon with Kalamata olives and a fresh mixed salad made of curly indigo, rocket and red radish.

Pizza Flour
Molini Lario Spa

Soft wheat flour type 00

Ideal for pizza and focaccia.

Alfredo's Ortolana...
Amica Chips Spa

Crunchy refined Pastinacaa chips. Beetroot and sweet potato.

Organic Black Pepper Mopur
Felsineo S.p.A.
A subtle taste is contrasted with the strong aroma and mild pungency, granted by the external pepper layer.

Decaffeinated Ground Coffee...
Le Piantagioni Del Caffé

Personally selected by a world coffee expert. Light and harmonic.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive...
Tenuta Venterra

Aromatic and with a slight bite from the ginger. Made with Apulian extra virgin olive oil and organic ginger, perfect as a dressing.

Sicilian Cannoli
Forno D'asolo Spa

A traditional Sicilian dessert in the mini 40g size, prepared with a fried waffle filled with sweet sheep ricotta cream. Pure pleasure to enjoy at any moment of the day! A symbol of Italian pastry ...

Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli rice is the reference ingredient for quality risotto, in fact it associates taste and perfect resistance to cooking. Ideariso proposes a Carnaroli rice that can carry the label QUALITY ‘E...

Apricot Ice Cream
Alberto Gelato

Pasta Sauce "La Licatese"
Olio Di Fousseni

Delicious pasta sauce wonderfully made in Licata, a scrumptious place in sunny Sicily !

Classic Pandoro
Fraccaro Spumadoro

Soft and buttery Dough to enjoy this delicious Veronese origin sweet, scented and pleasantly sweet.

Azienda Agricola San Salvatore 1988

Elea is an elegant, structured Greco reserve, intense and meditative, just like the terroir that has generated it.

Branca Menta
Fratelli Branca Distillerie

An unmistakable mint-flavour liqueur, it gives you an intense pleasure thrill at every sip. Its secret formula includes herbs imported from four continents and the finest peppermint essential oil i...

Gin 43
Fred Jerbis

A distinctive gin, with a straw yellow color, rich in perfumes and hints, firstly of herbs and then spicy; a complex taste, but simple at the same time, because balanced and smooth.

Spumante Brut Vsq
La Collina dei CIliegi

Dry, with hints of golden apple and persistent beads of bubbles.