CAPO COLLO di Martina Franca "Classico" Featured Image

CAPO COLLO di Martina Franca "Classico"

Obtained from the band of muscles of the cervical region of the Italian heavy pig, it is cylindrical in shape with a weight, at the end of the seasoning, between 1,800 and 2,400 kg. The natural casing, the particular handmade "noose" binding, the use of vincotto and the aromas and spices of the Itria Valley, are the unmistakable and often cloned trademark of the Apulian Capocollo. Aged no less than 120 days. and up to 180 days. and beyond for the heavier pieces, it offers the sight a magnificent marbled appearance from the first slice, with an intense red color typical of seasoned meats and with pure white veins, always present in healthy and high-profile meats. As it happens with a glass of great wine, our CAPO COLLO also has that rare ability to prolong its persistence on the palate, thanks also to the slight note of smoke that characterizes it, but without excessively forcing its taste. Served, at the right temperature and never cold, in a classic way as an appetizer, cut by hand, or on hot pancakes without yeast, it expresses itself at its highest levels.

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