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Fcd Group srl

A boundless love for their territory, the drive to discover it still in its smells, tastes, colours, to spread it, protect it, enhance it. This is how the Mastro Sapore company was born, from the mind of three young people proud to be from Puglia and ready to let the world taste “all the good things of Puglia”.
To do this they involved the most important agronomists and farmers, expert connoisseurs of the true taste of the land. Together they are in constant search of the best of the Apulian and Italian farming heritage, to create excellence born from 100% Apulian raw materials. Unique recipes and traditional products ready to surprise even the most demanding palates.

We want to spread the Apulian gastronomic tradition,
to create and give excellence from the genuine taste of his land,
enhance its flavours, respect its fruits, its cycles.
We are for the real km0, the one “from the field to the table”,
and we do it using only the best raw materials with a 100% Apulian soul,
transformed according to the classical methods of peasant art.
We love our work, we love who we do it with every day, we rely on our farmers.
We believe in creativity and resourcefulness, in a profession made with the heart.
We honour nature through a "green" philosophy,
that goes through the least possible waste of energy in the production stages.
We respect our employees, creating a clean, efficient, orderly and healthy working environment.
All values that we transfer into our products, good all year round and for every type of kitchen.

For the company Mastro Sapore the quality of its ingredients is the basis of its success. A promise of attention that is renewed every day through an internal analytical laboratory and specialized external structures for a total monitoring of its products, from the cultivation of raw materials to their distribution.


The Pasta Factory
The Oven

The best Apulian hard grains, the result of careful research in the territory and a 100% regional supply chain, for a pasta “like in the past”, handmade and bronze drawn, wrinkled and porous to the right point, to pass on to new palates the ancient flavours of tradition, respecting the classic methods of pasta making. Original processing and methods able to enhance the grain, the gold of Puglia, and ensure a perfect balance between taste and texture, but also a slow and low temperature drying, to preserve all the nutritional properties and aromas of a product already naturally good.
The preserves, small regional gastronomic treasures, are daughters of the genuineness of the raw material and the desire to enhance the fruits and specialities of Puglia. A “very short” supply chain that reflects the true concept of km0, for products prepared according to ancient peasant recipes, without any added colouring or preservative. Jars containing the fruit of often long and complex procedures, for thick and “rich” creams, under oil with the unmistakable taste of Puglia and jams with a fresh taste and bright colour.
Mastro Sapore biscuits, sweet and savoury, are the result of a careful search for real flavours, those of a raw material in perfect balance between ancient tastes and refined ingredients. They are kneaded by hand, with handmade blends: only top quality Italian ingredients, without preservatives, combined to pay homage to the Apulian tradition, but also to give life to small bets of taste, made of experimentation and research.
Mastro Sapore demonstrates all its attention to innovation through the continuous elaboration of new product concepts and experimentation on processes, while always maintaining a link with traditional elements of Apulian matrix.
This is how avant-garde methods of cultivation and transformation have been developed, always respecting the “land”.
The company pursues the goal of Km0, a way to enhance the high quality of the products of its territory preserving their freshness and reducing the environmental impact, due to the short transport distances. Moreover, with the help of all its collaborators, every day it defines and optimizes processes able to avoid any food waste.
Mastro Sapore avails itself of the collaboration of “SafeGreen”, a law firm specialized in food and environmental safety, in order to build sustainable working principles for the territory and to skip the taste of its fruits.

1. We only have the best raw materials locally sourced produce grown in
2. We exclusively use artisanal production processes in creating our
3. We create 100% “Made in Puglia” products
4. We have 3 production lines
5. We guarantee quality assurance from supply chain to finished
6. We always look beyond the obvious
7. We have a team of professionals united in the goal of creating
superior quality products
8. We ensure maximum support and availability during the distribution
9. We provide excellent customer service by providing our clients with
the products and services they need professionally.

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