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Pasta 100% Apulian Wheat - Mastro Sapore - Cavatelli Featured Image

Pasta 100% Apulian Wheat - Mastro Sapore - Cavatelli

This pasta is produced using only wheat cultivated in a typical Apulian valley called
 "Tavoliere delle Puglie".

The wheat is characterized by high elasticity, consistency and toughness, which allows you to select the best semolina, for a good and healthy pasta.
Mastro Sapore’s pasta comes from a strictly artisanal process, in which it is hand-worked and bronze-drawn, respecting the classic methods, giving the raw material and the production natural time phases to give life to a pasta "gold".

- 100% Pugliese durum wheat semolina from selected farmers
- Typical regional format
- Drying in 36 hours with temperatures that do not exceed 38 C ° which preserve all the nutritional values of the ingredients

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