Ca'Stelle - Azienda Agricola Castelle Di Sagnella Maria Pina

Via Nazionale Sannitica 48, Castelvenere (BN), Italia
Ca'Stelle - Azienda Agricola Castelle Di Sagnella Maria Pina
Have you ever spent time looking at the stars?

Allowing yourself the luxury of getting lost in the night sky is a special gift. A magical moment to share with an important person, a true declaration of love for nature, for yourself, for those you love.

Let's learn to listen to the emotions we feel in looking at a starry sky, let's take some time to do it with friends, with loved ones, to find the meaning and the path, indicated by the stars. Ca’ Stelle was born from a dream told to the stars, a dream that later became reality thanks to the action of men who believed in it.

The history of Ca’ Stelle takes us back to Castelvenere, a small town in the Telesina Valley, in the province of Benevento and tells us of a family who dedicated their lives to creating a brand, now ready to fly high. In 1991, the first harvest. Mariano and Raffaele Assini, two young brothers, driven by "that common dream", start their own "fermentative" journey. The family has always been very reactive, now enriched by the two sons of Mariano, Venanzio and Francesco, both economics students who were born and raised in the cellar, and by the little Annamaria, Raffaele's daughter. Over time, the vineyards have been restructured, adapting the vineyard layout and the agronomic production techniques, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

CA' STELLE is coherence and transparency. Coherence because Ca' Stelle wines identify themselves with the social values of ethics and sustainability that inspire them. Transparency because Ca' Stelle wines represent the family that is behind the scenes and that every day is committed with soul and love, without veils and choreography, to create a truly quality product.

Ca'Stelle is modern technology and enoic culture and technic:
for understand, innovate and never ever betray our territory and ours vineyards

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Categories Wine & Spirits
Certificates PDO - Protected Designation of Origin, PGI - Protected Geographical Indication, ORGANIC
Distribution Channels Horeca, Amazon
Year Established 1992
Worldwide Presence Switzerland, United States of America
Targeted Countries China, Germany, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden
Produces Private-Label Yes
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