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THE WORLD: the new and the past, adventure and meditation, flavours that mix with aromas to produce harmonies and melodies that are different each time, one moment present and then all of a sudden gone, before returning and coming back to you like Proust’s madeleines, like the unmistakable smell of the sticking plaster you used to put on your grazed knee as a child, like the taste of a toasted mushroom sandwich mingling with the black coffee and takes you back to that far away October morning, your first day at work, your first love, the first time you ate bread and olive oil, or the first time you slept under a duvet. Everything comes back to The World and everything starts from there. And all this is represented by Tarot cards, that enigmatic, ancient gallery of images and symbols. 
A story that goes around in circles, developing and progressing before returning to the start, always young, always green. Here, each Major Arcana tells us something precise, but it does so in the form of images, whose language is immediately clear to us without having to grasp the meaning. And wouldn’t you say that this is also the case with flavours? Have you ever tasted olive oil? A good olive oil, a delicious one (bono, indeed). And have you ever tried to grasp its flavour? Something floral, marine-like, mineral, with hints of artichoke, red fruits, pepper, banana, freshly cut grass, fig, salt, apple and a touch of bitterness. When we taste olive oil, we engage in a type of non-verbal communication, just as we do when we are presented with a Tarot card. This card. This olive oil. Who is it speaking to? What is it saying? Our range of premium extra-virgin olive oils has been inspired by the Tarot cards and tells you a story of different aromas and flavours, as rich and as old as The World itself.

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