Molino Quaglia Spa

via Roma 49 - Vighizzolo d’Este (PD)
Molino Quaglia Spa

Molino Quaglia is a family business that from 1914 has milled only the finest grains.
Is it possible for technology and tradition to live together over time? Yes, if they co-exist in a person's mind and temperament. In this case that person is Annito Quaglia, who lived through an era when wheat was chosen from experience matured through instinct, a ferryman towards the future of a company that has grown on the market little by little, committed to the same values as when it was still a small wooden mill on the Adige river.
Knowledge that has developed over 4 generations of millers, which makes the difference on today's market with the first, unique line of stone-ground common wheat flour that boasts the cleanliness and consistent standards of a certified industry and skilfully selected wheat as taught by Annito Quaglia.

It is currently the only industrial-sized Italian mill to have developed a modern stone-grinding process that uses the most advanced technologies for cleaning the grain of foreign bodies, weends and mycotoxions, in a production environment that protects the flour from external contamination, all the way from the millstone to the sack.

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