Agostini Elio Snc


Creamy Venice-style Stockfish

The product is ready to be reheated and served. The perfect matching is with the soft or grilled white polenta. It is a typical product of the Venetian gastronomy. Every single ingredient is weighed and dosed in a calibrated way. The ready meal is packaged, pasteurized and cooled down till the temperature of +4°. The storage temperature of this type of product is in-between +4° and +2°. 

At the beginning, we have decided to specialize our offer in the manufacturing and preparation of the “stockfish” from the dreid raw material. The origin of the raw material is the Lofoten Island, in Norway. Being the stockfish an expression of the fusion of local culture, history and culinary art, we have let it become a very important point of our offer. 

The product still in the primary package (the plastic tray), can only be reheated in the microwave. For all the preparations, we proceed on the same way from the raw material till the rehydration: we leave the dried raw stockfish to soak for many hours, changing the water quite frequently, and then we go on with the specific preparation of each recipe. To prepare the Venice-style stockfish, once the stockfish is rehydrated, we clean it and we take out the fishbones. Then we dust it with flour and we cook it with extra vergin olive oil, milk, parsley, onion, sugar, salt and pepper, in big pots. We leave the stockfish cooking at a low temperature. Finally, we case the product in vacuum-sealed trays that will be stored in refrigerated cells.
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