Zuarina - Clai

Via Gambellara 62/A, 40026 Imola (BO), Italy
Zuarina - Clai
CLAI (Cooperativa Lavoratori Agricoli Imolesi) is an agricultural cooperative which operates in the food farming industry both in the deli meats sector, with a specialization in the salami segment, and in the fresh beef and pork sector.

The company has two plants. The first is in Sasso Morelli, Imola (BO) and is dedicated to the production of deli meats. The second is in Faenza (RA) where beef cattle and pigs are slaughtered and the cutting of meat take place. We have adopted the most advanced procedures in our slaughterhouse, ensuring that the animals are treated well, and that we comply with the highest quality standards in our transformation and processing system.

The company’s products are available in all sales channels all over Italy.
In recent years CLAI has also developed its presence abroad, above all in the area of salamis.
The Cooperative has 256 members, consisting of both livestock farmers who rear our animals and workers who carry out their activities in the various sectors of the business.
Today CLAI has 470 workers and a turnover of 230 million euros.

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