Wagyu Südtirol

Trentino-Alto Adige
Via Weidacher 1 I, 39054 Collalbo / Renon (BZ)
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Wagyu Südtirol
Wagyu is a Japanese beef breed from the Tajima-line. Until 150 years ago they were used as working animals and were only rarely crossed with beef breeds from the west. That's why today the characteristics of the Wagyu breed have remained unchanged.The most noticeable difference between Wagyu and other beefs, is that the former can store more fat in their muscle fibers. Together with good feeding and a long and stress free breeding, the best meat results out of it. Since Wagyu beefs have become meat suppliers, they have been breaded to reach a high marbling degree. So have other breeds’ fat been reduced because of the low demand. Taste and tenderness have mostly been lost because of this fat reduction. 

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