Villanova / Italicatessen

Villanova / Italicatessen
Attention to quality of products and level of service has made us one of the leading Italian food distribution companies in the UK. We distribute in the whole of the UK and our range of products includes cheese, charcuterie, oils, vinegars, pasta, biscuits, preserved fish, honey, vegetables in oil and more. We work with great producersthat take pride in what they do and follow tradition; we also have one of the largest variety of Italian organic products in the UK. We have recently introduced a range of French, Swiss, Dutch and Swedish ORGANIC cheeses.

Company Details

Categories Pasta, Rice, Flour & Pizza
Charcuterie & Meat
Cheese & Dairy
Bakery, Confectionery & Snacks
Cooking sauces, Canned Food, Spreads & Preserves
Oil & Vinegar
Fruit, Vegetables & Pulses
Certificates -
Distribution Channels
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Worldwide Presence -
Targeted Countries -
Produces Private-Label Not Specified
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