Tenute del Cerro

via Grazianella 5 - 53045 Acquaviva di Montepulciano (Italy)
Tenute del Cerro
Tenute del Cerro consists of five estates located in two of Italy’s most important wine producing regions, tuscany and umbria. 300 are the overall land hectares dedicated to vineyards. The focus of the Group is the production of the most important wines of each area.
The wineries
-Fattoria del Cerro is the largest private estate producing vino nobile.  The different expositions and locations of the vineyards allow us to select the best grapes to craft high quality wines. prugnolo gentile, the grape behind nobile di montepulciano, is a unique clone of sangiovese found only in the Vino Nobile appellation production area, which has adapted to the specific conditions of the area throughout the centuries. this winery produces also chianti, rosso di toscana, vinsanto and sparkling wines.
-La Poderina is our winery in Montalcino, the tuscan town famous for the Brunello di Montalcino; in  addition to this wine, the estate portfolio includes also Rosso di Montalcino and Moscadello.
-Monterufoli is our third estate in Tuscany; the production is focused on Supertuscan Val Di Cornia and Vermentino.
-Còlpetrone, located in Umbria is one of the most important wineries for the Montefalco Sagrantino wine.
The last estate of the group is the Tenuta di Montecorona, exclusively dedicated to the production of an high level extra virgin olive oil.
Tenute del Cerro is the result of a great winemaking project based on the best agricultural principles. Respect for nature and state of the art winegrowing permit us to highlight at their best the unique conditions and microclimatic features of each single winery.  
Since the foundation, our aim is to lead each single winery to became leader of its own denomination. Italian and foreign press have given their most important awards to our Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano, Brunello Di Montalcino, Montefalco Sagrantino and Vermentino. 
This is a tribute not only to the wine but to the work carried out by highly skilled staff at each winery, where every effort is directed to produce each single wine with the highest respect for its origin and territory. 
Our foundations lay on the men and women who work for Tenute del Cerro, men and women who are naturally interwoven with the indigenous grapes like sangiovese grosso, sagrantino the basis of our work. The same deep link that Tenute del Cerro search in its own wine lovers, who, in return, are our ambassador in the world of a constant excellence of the quality. 
From the heart of Italy, Tenute del Cerro presents a unique range of wines allowing the world to discover and savor the authentic italian enthusiasm for life.

Company Details

Categories Wine & Spirits
Certificates -
Distribution Channels
Year Established 1978
Worldwide Presence Australia, China, Denmark, Netherlands, Russia, United States of America
Targeted Countries -
Produces Private-Label Yes
Employees 100


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