Tenuta Pozzi

Strada 6 Edificio A Scala 13, 20090 Assago (MI)
Tenuta Pozzi
All born more than 500 years ago with Giovanni Pietro Pozzi and his bride Bianca Da Cornago, the founders of our Family that handed down to the younger generations the passion for farming, still strong as in those days.

Particularly, in our farm in Vigevano, province of Pavia, belonging to S.a.vi. group, we strengthened several productive experiences in farming and, even if looking proudly to our past results, always pay attention to technological innovations.

Our will, in the present-day globalized world, is to counteract it offering our products handmade as once, choosing the best ingredients and excluding any kind of artificial preservatives, directly cultivating all we use for our purees, daily cropped and worked.

Our handcrafts wants to spread the “made in Italy food” all round the world and are made in modern way, using the best technologies to have sure foods, guaranteed for their safety and organoleptic qualities, without any workers’ exploitation.

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