Tenuta Degli Ultimi

Via Diaz 18, 31015 Conegliano (TV)
Tenuta Degli Ultimi
Our estate lies in the heart of the district of Conegliano and Valdobbiaddene known for Prosecco, precisely, to Collato, a little medieval village where history and nature are still the masters, interweaving with the myths and the legends of the place.
However Collalto is not only the ideal terrain for stories of knights, princesses and woodland fairies but also for the cultivation of vines: the moraine placques, that originate from this area, travel through underground rivers that naturally maintain moisture and an ideal pH level of the soil: the beautiful slopes are exposed to the west but by the same token are shielded well by forested buffer strips, which creates an ideal microclimate for the vines and give the wine its fresh, elegant and natural bouquet.
ts fresh, elegant and natural bouquet.
Our estate lies on an area of more than 22 hectars, which places us in an area that is one of the most highly ranked for producers of superior prosecco; this is of even greater significance if one considers that this area is one that usually only connects with native vines; some of them over sixty and as such we achieve the maximum integration between the vine and the earth: an unparalleled heritage throughout the district.

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