Tentazioni Pugliesi Srl

SP130 Trani-Andria km2, 76125 Trani (BT)
Tentazioni Pugliesi Srl
Tentazioni Pugliesi is a brand new company which combined an important baggage of knowledge and experiences in its company management, developed in over 40 years of job and achievements, whith young and innovative human resources.

The result of all of this is from one side a decisive investment in marketing actions, intended for the construction of a leader brand in the sector; from the other side the management of all the production process steps: from the research to the production, from the packaging to the distribution.

The production processes, at the forefront in the sector, allow the company to develop a production line with a daily production capacity of 100 quintals of product. The annual production is about 28.000 quintals, by dividing products into all the main national and interanational markets and by reaching the medium and large distribution.

Tentazioni Pugliesi’s keywords are quality and innovation, experience and passion that distinguish our company.

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Categories Bakery, Confectionery & Snacks
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