Via Fontanile 10, 24060 Gandosso (BG)
Solid, like all things Bergamo, the company combines production and the wine maturation with the welcome to visitors. 
Divided into three areas - processing, storage and tasting - the winery is divided between the large steel tanks for white and wooden barrels for the reds and wines for aging. Along the walls are preserved and refine the 240,000 bottles produced each year, waiting to open up the palate of fans, tasters or simple wine lovers.

Each Tallarini wine draws its great quality already in the vineyards: low yield, searching for the perfect time of harvest, selection of grape bunches.  Technology and tradition ensure the best end result: driftwood small, barrels and casks for great wines; steel for white youngsters. Soft pressing, maceration, bordolese accurate cutting and drying of the grapes methods are used and respected scrupulously.

The final refinement always occurs in the bottle: It can be a few months for wines ready to drink, up to several years for long-aging wines.

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