Subissati srl

Via Della Tana 25, 58036 Roccastrada GR
Subissati srl
The position of the thirteenth-century town of Roccastrada in the Maremman hills of Tuscany, provides the perfect alchemy between altitude, 480 meters above sea level, ideal average temperature, low rainfall, proximity to the Mineral laden hills with Sirocco, Ostro or Libeccio winds that carry the salty breeze of the nearby sea.
This means that  several weeks a year the curing of our meats is carried out naturally by the elements. Nature, our great ally, does its magic bringing exciting results.  Every single salami, every single slice of it, exudes the wisdom and values of those who are masters in methods that go back to the tradition of rural Maremma and at the same time become the synthesis of all the advantages offered by a unique, unpolluted land.

Company Details

Categories Charcuterie & Meat
Certificates IFS (Standard International Food Standard GDO)
Distribution Channels Grossisti
Year Established 1963
Worldwide Presence Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium
Targeted Countries -
Produces Private-Label Yes
Employees 14


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