Dolomia spring water - Glass Exclusive Still 330 mL Featured Image

Dolomia spring water - Glass Exclusive Still 330 mL

Aimed at the hospitality sector.
The original and exclusive DOLOMIA EXCLUSIVE STILL bottle in 330 mL size is the product aimed at the hospitality sector thanks to its sleek contour that befits the unique water inside.
Dolomia still water allows you to fully appreciate its excellent flavor thanks to its unique mineral composition and natural alkalinity.

Identity: Spring Water
Source: located in Val Cimoliana, at 833 mamsl, inside a protected natural park, in the Dolomite Mountains, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Water Origin: The deepest layers of perennial snows melt on the Cima dei Preti mountain group at 2703 mamsl, causing water to slowly filter through the dolomite rock, forming an uncontaminated, ancient and huge hydrogeological basin underneath the mountain.
Characteristics: naturally alkaline (pH 8.1), naturally rich in Oxygen (10.5 mg/L), TDS 114 mg/L, Sodium 0.2 mg/L, Calcium 27.4 mg/L, Magnesium 14.5 mg/L, Bicarbonates 157 mg/L, Fluorure <0.05 mg/L, Nitrates 2 mg/L, Arsenic < 0.001 mg/L.

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