Via Casaria 6/B, 31048 San Biagio di Callalta (TV)
The winery was born in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana in the lands of red wine, a stone's throw from the area of ​​Raboso Piave and Prosecco. The Geromel family has created a thriving winery with more than sixty years of experience in the production of quality wines. 

It all began in 1955, when Lino Geromel decided to invest in the purchase of several hectares of land in the municipality of San Biagio di Callalta where the family had lived for generations. Since 1980 the company has passed into the hands of his son Roberto, who brought a first wave of innovation, paying more attention to the quality of the raw materials and the product. With the recent entry of the sons Marco and Sara we wanted to give new life to the company, combining new technologies with knowledge of the tradition handed down from father to son, with the aim of impressing on the market a new brand that is synonymous with excellence and quality. Thus “Vigna 61” was born, a brand that looks to the future enclosing within itself the memory of traditions and the family.

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