Silvio Carta Srl

Bitteroma Bianco Featured Image

Bitteroma Bianco

Type: Bitters.
Size: 100 cl.
Alcohol content: 25.3% vol.
Appearance: bright straw-yellow colour with golden reflections.
Aroma: very interesting herbaceous hints, slightly honeyed notes and mellow echoes of lemongrass. 
Taste: viscous, explosive and attention-seeking upon tasting, it engages the whole palate and features a bold flavour that cleanses the taste buds and accompanies a very long finish.
A unique product which stands out in the bitters market. Wrapped in an artistic label with clear Futurist references, these Silvio Carta bitters contain a thousand scents of Sardinia and Mediterranean scrub. The white version is generous on the nose and smooth on the palate, making it a surprising wildcard for mixing. Served in a cold glass with a single large ice cube, it is a perfect aperitif for summer evenings, but it can also be the key ingredient for new versions of historic cocktails like the Americano, Spritz or Negroni Bianco.
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