Aliara Vini Soc. Agr. s.r.l.

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Aliara Vini Soc. Agr. s.r.l.
It was 2001, when our parents and our uncle decided to realize their dream: give everything up to dedicate themselves to country life and wine making. Thanks to their experience on the energy sector, they designed one of the most technologically advanced wineries in Europe and decided to build it in Bastardo, our hometown.

Their choice was not random: already in 1312 the urban land register certified the millennial viticultural vocation of the territory , accross the “road” (Signæ) of the ancient Flaminia, where – it is said – there was a host which served a “sweet an flavoured” wine to people travelling from Rome to North Europe.

The winery is surrounded by 30 hectares of vineyards – cultivated with Sagrantino, Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet vines – and by several medieval castles, still populated, which draw a unique landscape scenario.

If we were to tell Signæ with just three words we would choose technology, genius and sustainability.

Thanks to technology we are able to minimize the use of chemicals both in the vineyards and in the cellar: the result are high quality natural wines, with a minimum quantity of sulphites which do not bother the head or the stomach. 

Alongside technology, it remains an important manual work: the harvest is manual, as the processing of the soil around the vines and the selection on vibrating tables, first of the bunches and then the berries.

Genius is fantasy, intuition. In our opinion, the DOC/DOCG specification does not fully exploit the extraordinary characteristics of Sagrantino, so we immediately experimented with different solutions to obtain smoother and more fragrant wines. 
 Then came the intuition, based on ancient popular beliefs, to obtain healthy products based on Sagrantino grapes.

A scientific research, run with the University of Florence, certified that Sagrantino is the grape with the highest level of sugar and antioxidants among all the known grapes, and our grape juice and jam have a much higher antioxidant content than other similar products.

Our aim is to become a sustainable company for the environment, transforming the production waste of wine in healthy products. 

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Categories Oil & Vinegar
Wine & Spirits
Juices, Soft Drinks & Water
Certificates ORGANIC
Distribution Channels HoReCa
Year Established 2001
Worldwide Presence Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland
Targeted Countries Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden
Produces Private-Label No
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