Aliara Vini Soc. Agr. s.r.l.

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Aliara Vini Soc. Agr. s.r.l.
After many professional assignments, in the energy sector and in the bank sector, Luciano Cesarini, an engineer with a passion in agriculture, decides to give everything up and, together with his wife Fiorella and his brother Giuseppe, to dedicate themselves to wine. 
They choose to establish their winery along the Flaminia road, close to the “Caupona del Bastardo”, where – it is told- there was a Oste who was serving a “sweet and fragrant wine” for those going to Rome. The Land Registry of 1312 and the Gregorian registry of 1800 certify that this territory has been devoted to winemaking for thousands of year.
Today the winery is considered one of the most technologically advanced all over Europe. 
Electromagnetic fields insulation, saturated air extraction, pre-fermentative cold maceration and temperature-controlled fermentation are just some of the original projects of Luciano Cesarini, which permit to make wines respecting the authentic Umbrian tradition: smooth and fragrant wines like our Umbrian hills, persistent like its people’s character.
The cleaning of the vineyard is made with mechanical tools together with manual hoe, to avoid the use of chemical products on the grapes. 
Grapes harvested during the handpicking are collected in 30 kg cases and their manual selection on vibrant tables prevent the entry of mould and bacteria in the winery, in order to avoid the use of sulphites.
9 webcams, filming everything happening in the vineyard and in the winery in streaming live 24h, are the best warranty of company quality, beyond any certification.

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Categories Oil & Vinegar
Wine & Spirits
Juices, Soft Drinks & Water
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Distribution Channels
Year Established 2005
Worldwide Presence Italy, Denmark, Russia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Canada
Targeted Countries Poland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania
Produces Private-Label No
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