SAN PIO X Az. Agr. dal 1708

Vicolo S. Pio X, 37, 35020 Albignasego PD, Italy
SAN PIO X Az. Agr. dal 1708
We are an agricultural company where we cultivate and spread a conscious lifestyle aimed at improving the well-being of the person through food.    
We cultivate the land in full respect of nature, regardless of any type of certification. All production is artisanal and limited by the effective yield of the field.
We work the products of the field in a natural way, with the utmost care to preserve the organoleptic characteristics that determine their quality.   In our laboratory within 24-48h from the harvest, we prepare and pack the products to ensure they are healthy to eat, vital, tasty and fragrant. We do not use any type of additives, preservatives, added sugars or other.

 We have decided to honor our time and our audience with products that can concretely contribute to the well-being of the Person and convinced supporters of the HEALTHY FOOD irreplaceable role in today's society, we hereby highlight that:    
Our organic farm is focused on the cultivation of officinal herbs and vegetables that are harvested when they are ripe, then they are transformed into our own laboratory in Condiment lines and Preparations for cooking.   
ALL our PRODUCTION is exclusively obtained with absolutely natural methods, 100% free from chemistry, respecting the standards of HEALTHY-organic, the seasons and soil cycles.     
Our "HEALTH program" Preparations and Seasonings for Cooking, is made up of "agricultural products dehydrated at low temperature and controlled humidity, raw and ready to use, which retain all the organoleptic characteristics of the fresh". They are "Gluten Free", suitable for cooking for Celiacs, Vegans, Crudists, etc ..

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