Salumificio “Su Sirboni”

Z.I. Su Pardu, 09040 Settimo San Pietro (CA)
Salumificio “Su Sirboni”
Family is the starting point, from our italian region: Sardinia. Our salami points strongly to maintain a strong tie with the origin and tradition of the systems, relationships and with advancing technologies. The know-how transfer in the family, as in the company, produces excellent results and allows steady growth not only the structure but also the methods of processing. Our business philosophy is therefore intended to export, as much as possible, the Sardinian approach to this job anche the culture of preparation of sausages in Italy and all over the world.

The job system is a fundamental aspect of our business process. Employees and young apprentices, know our philosophy from the very beginning and enter easily (most of them live here in the territory) in harmony with the spirit of the Salumificio Su Sirboni. Work and family are the cornerstones of our production chain. From the warehouse to the storage of the meat, from cut to the ligature, by salting or putting pepper to the maturing of product, from packaging to delivery: all employees are empowered and involved in the production chain.

The goal is to produce sausages according to traditional Sardinian recipes with meat, working in complete safety and food hygiene to protect the product quality and the health of consumers and customers. The problems concerning meat, the processing time and the traceability of the raw material are always attenzionate so manic. Company's main objectives are to further improve the presentation of the products and communicate more effectively the choices of italian salami to all lovers.

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