Salumificio Sosio Srl

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Salumificio Sosio Srl

We have acquired an inestimable knowledge from the traditions of our territories and from our family:
create a real artisanal and simply unique product. We have been producing Bresaola for over three generations and we still do it with innate passion, to offer an unmistakable product, that comes from the devotion and care for every single detail. We handle each ingredient as it was the only one and every gesture of our work is the result of a manual skill developed through the years. Slowly and with passion, the only way to produce what we love so much: the Bresaola “De BAITA”, which is our brand and quality guarantee. The Bresaola and its centennial history comes from Valtellina, in the heart of the Italian Alps, where the pure nature, the fresh air and the mountain climate offer unique environmental conditions. A product characterised by its land, its agricultural traditions, of people who lived there and by the knowledge given by time, gestures and devotion, which nowadays takes our history and territory values on all world tables.Our work is not only characterised by devotion and experience, but by strict quality standards, to produce good and healthy products. We aim to a quality level, which means seriousness and certified guarantees, with the objective to offer our customers a unique taste experience.

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