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We are all familiar with various salami and other preserved and dried Italian charcuterie products.  They are joined by an exciting brand - Salsicciamo.  Whilst it is aimed at food service, it is also available to retail customers.  Salsicciamo delivers authentic and  flavoursome Italian sausages here in the UK, made by Italians in the traditional Italian way; therefore offering the freshest possible produce direct to the UK market. Salsicciamo, a Slow Food UK endorsed brand and winner of the prestigious British Sausage Week Gold Award in 2015, followed by a Two Star Great Taste Award in 2016 for the fennel-flavoured Sicilian style sausages. Our sausages are the result of some careful and strategic-thinking and market research, undertaken 2 years before its launch by its Sicilian founder, Giuseppe Roberti, a skilled butcher in his own right. Born in the UK, Giuseppe Roberti went back to Sicily when he was 10, whereupon he started to learn more about the production and preparation of meat products. It was back in 2014 when he purchased a ‘one-way ticket’ to come back to the UK that he developed his vision of bringing some of his families recipes and sausage-making traditions to the ever-growing market here.

During the development and trial stages of these premium sausages, meat was sourced from Sicily and mainland Italy. However, we discovered that the raw pork ingredients that gave the best results were from fresh, UK Freedom Food pork. To some, the use of British meat might somehow negate the ability to claim true ‘Italian credentials’, but the UK’s reputation for high quality meat and livestock management practices is widely respected. Giuseppe Roberti is also keen to draw attention to the fact that it is the Italian approach and his family recipes and flavours that are the point of difference, enabling us to deliver a distinctive product. The Salsicciamo range is also characterised by the use of organic Sicilian sea salt, natural casings, a reduced fat content and 100% selected pork cuts, all additive-free.

They come in different flavours including: Classic with Black Pepper, Sicilian with Fennel, Tuscan with Garlic, Calabrian with Chilli and Sausage Mince Coarse Cut with Black Pepper.  Giuseppe Roberti’s main task for the future is to educate buyers and consumers when it comes to eating a fresh meat product that has been produced with the benefit of an Italian artisanal approach. Due to the products ‘clean’ nature, it is also gluten and allergens free, a considerable advantage in today’s market of health and diet-conscious consumers.

We are artisan makers of authentic, fresh, Italian sausages made here in the UK, thus guaranteeing daily made produce. Our mission is not only to sell a product of superior quality with authentic flavours but, more importantly, to inform our clientele via the genuineness and versatility of our products. Salsicciamo is not a run-of-the-mill sausage. We have developed a range of products, eliminating everything that would have a detrimental health impact. We are BRC certified at grade AA.

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