Sa Marigosa Soc. Cons.Le A R.L.

S.p. 7 KM 5.900 09070 Riola Sardo (OR)
Sa Marigosa Soc. Cons.Le A R.L.
The SA MARIGOSA OP, was founded in 1986 as a young Agriculture company and in 2008 was recognized as a Producer's Organization, growing and consolidating its worth in the Sardinian fruit and vegetable sector in order to guarantee better quality of its products through the careful control of all production chain phases.
This growth prospective, innovation of service to the tradition and high work ethic in the field of Fresh produce was transferred to the oil-preserved products, a new challenge and pride of the OP.
The love for Sardinian products is the fundamental ingredient of the farm that allowed Sa Marigosa to become today's most important Producer's Organization (OP) of melons and watermelons in Sardinia, and also high artichoke production of various cultivars, among which the spiny artichoke, leader of the Protection Consortium of the “DOP Spiny Sardinian Artichoke”.

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Categories Cooking sauces, Canned Food, Spreads & Preserves
Fruit, Vegetables & Pulses
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Year Established 1986
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