ROGANTE Elderflower - FLORAL SPARKLING WINES WHIT Elderflower Featured Image


White floral hints of acacia flowers and jasmine accompany an intense and coveted sensation of fresh elderflower, producing a sparkling wine which has earned the right to represent the most sought-after flower today.
Rogante's exclusive method allows the intense aromas of the nectar extracts from the 100% natural elderflower to bind themselves to the wine by means of a patient refermentation process employing the Charmat method, as used for the best sparkling wines, using native yeasts. Thanks to this innovative method Rogante Elderflower retains the same alcohol content as the wine from which it originated and the method itself guarantees absolute quality.

Colour and perlage
Light straw-yellow with marked, paper-like, yet shining tints with refined and persistent perlage, white and fragrant foam, voluminous, soft, medium wine lifespan.
A strong enveloping floral spring sensation of white flowers, synonymous with youth and an age at which you are free of cares.

Rich and enveloping taste, balanced and rounded, with a soft, light persistence at the end. 

Tips and pairings
On its own or as an aperitif or in combination with cold dishes or semifreddi, fruit salads and ice cream. 

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