Robustellini S.r.l.

Via Spluga, 110 – 23025 Dubino – (SO) – Italy
Robustellini S.r.l.

The company activity dates back to 1949, in Grosotto, in High Valtellina, thanks to the initiative of our beloved grandfather Pietro who was with his unique experience was with us until 1970. His suggestions helped us to grow and move to Nuova Olonio, in a new a modern factory, where perfectly matching handicraft mastery with the latest production systems we can guarantee products of unique and constant quality for our customers.Foto ricordo Valtellina is a peculiar mountain area in Lombardy, where within a still uncontaminated environment, a wide range of fine cured meats is manufactured: fiocco from Valtellina, speck, coppa and the famous bresaola. According to the ancient tradition, during the XV century, such a precious cured meat was manufactured for the first time. It was 1498 and the canon Lupi reported on his ledger the purchase of a cow, an ox and some other meats, as well as the salt ounces required to make “salted meat”. The name bresaola dates back to the original “brasaola” used by the first manufactures referring to the salting and drying process through the use of braziers.

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