Profumi Di Napoli - Gusti Di Napoli

Piazza Bovio 8, 80133 Napoli (NA)
Profumi Di Napoli - Gusti Di Napoli
Innovative ideas and a different way of looking at the riches offered by the region of Campania: the raw materials are analysed, the potentials are realised and the organoleptic properties are used for food and, above all, cosmetics. It a way to add value to each fruit, and to enhance the beauty of our resources; the use in fields other than food moves the use of the product away from the traditional oleographs.

The inspiration comes from buffalo milk and its moisturising properties. The vitamins of milk remain in the whey, which is used to make the body moisturiser that leaves the skin soft, smooth and enriched with vitamins. But at the same time, it is also used to make a creamy milk chocolate spread. A simple but brilliant idea that no one has thought of before! In the same way, the San Marzano tomato is used to create two products: face cream, for cosmetic purposes, and dried tomato to be tasted.

Our mission is to reinterpret and re-evaluate the excellent products of Campania, like those of the past.
Do cicerchia flegrea, Cicerale chickpeas, Controne beans sound familiar? Just ask your grandmother. These products, some of which are not well known , are also hard to find because they are produced by an
agriculture defined as “heroic”.

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