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The PrimOli Project began in 1988 thanks to an intuition: the extra virgin olive oil market was ready to welcome more refined consumers. Consumers aware that, as with wine, the organoleptic profile of a single-origin oil is rooted in a combination of agronomic factors that are part of local tradition and expertise, a concept known as “typicity”.
PrimOli seized this opportunity and decided to innovate the market with a large scale launch of a new range of extra virgin olive oils produced and bottled in Italy’s finest olive-growing areas.
PrimOli has always been ahead of its time, anticipated EU regulations on PDO and PGI olive oils, obviously complying to them as soon as they came into operation.  A key step in the development of this Project was establishing direct and lasting relationships with a network of producers. Those relationships continue to be one of the company’s greatest assets.
In just a few years, PrimOli has successfully come to play a central role between producers and an international market that is increasingly interested in fine Italian food products, continuing today to be driving force for this growing niche market.

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