Pastificio Carmiano Srl

Via Ponte Carmiano 7, 80054 Gragnano (NA)
Pastificio Carmiano Srl
The Pastificio Carmiano di Gragnano devotes its attention to the processing of special pasta shapes, in durum wheat semolina, bronze drawn and dried slowly.

Its soul is enclosed in the union between passion for taste and tradition, with the wisdom and feeling of those who work and create pasta every day. From the balanced combination of emotions and experiences take shape the different pasta profiles that come out daily from our artisan laboratory.

Our commitment is to create products that satisfy the absolute pleasure of the most refined and demanding palates, in order to create unique moments of aggregation for food lovers.

Our duty is to operate following a natural connection with the past, of which we place ourselves as jealous guardians of the secrets of processing wheat, handed down, from generation to generation, in over 500 years of history of Gragnano pasta art.

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