Passione Di Sofi Srl

via Benedetto Brin, 69 - 80142 Napoli
Passione Di Sofi Srl
Passione di Sofì is a place where the Neapolitan tradition comes alive in all its fervent uniqueness. The genuine fried food is within reach of every lucky who goes in the warm kiosk, or for the more adventurous who enter in the house of Sofì, the commoner who stole the heart of Ferdinand I of Bourbon, the "Rascal King", thanks to her irresistible culinary skills.

Passion is made of love, and with all our love we have created an environment that could keep intact the genuiness that is the soul of the best cuisine in the world, surrounding the guests in a lively atmosphere typical of the Neapolitan houses, while the taste of our delicacies wrapped in the "cuoppi"- bags of rice paper - melts in their mouths. We want to make every Cuoppo an unforgettable experience, just like the view of the Gulf of Naples, and as you do with a postcard, that is sent to show to those who are far away the beauty of the picturesque palce, we want export the culture of street food from the ancient Neapolitan flavors around the world.

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