Parovel Vigneti E Oliveti Dal 1898

Località Bagnoli della Rosandra 624 - San Dorligo della Valle
Parovel Vigneti E Oliveti Dal 1898
Barde is a place with many meanings for the Parovel family. For generations in the village of Caresana Mačkolje, the family has been taking care of the fruits of the earth from at least two centuries.
Barde is the name of an area of ​​land cultivated with vineyards and olive groves that our grandfather Massimiliano received as inheritance from his great-grandfather Pietro and that was the first place of production of the Parovel Estate that still exists and thrives today.
It is a land that slopes gently in terraces towards the Valley of the Rio Ospo. Fertile soil, sunny and protected from the lash of Bora, home to vineyards and olive cultivars.
It has become the brand of Parovel native wines because on one hand it represents the history of the family and on the other the view that stands in front of the eyes every morning: Barde is “the terrace garden” of Parovel Home, vineyards and olive trees that heartened and give new life to those who still run the estate. To never forget their roots and be able to look beyond, toward the horizon leading to the Gulf of Trieste and farther still.

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