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At Orominerva, the wisdom of tradition combines with innovative technologies to make the most of the precious gifts that the soil of Molise region has to offer. Tradition and innovation both find their place in the olive-oil mills of Orominerva. Among Orominerva products are sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts infused with extra virgin olive oil and spicy Calabrian chillies. 

Sott’olio, Italian for ‘under oil’, is a preservation technique for aubergines, red peppers, mushrooms, olives and other fresh vegetables which uses extra virgin olive oil as a natural preservative. This method consists of stacking layers of freshly-picked vegetables cooked al dente in boiling water or white wine vinegar into a glass jar, then covering them with extra virgin olive oil and ground garlic and basil or mint leaves. Italian families have known and developed this technique for decades, using it to preserve and consume their freshly-picked vegetables all year round in the juiciest, most flavorous way.

Sott’olio vegetables make a delicious appetizer on a slice of crunchy toasted bread, giving your classic bruschetta an extra kick! Also, do not throw away the tasty, vegetable-infused olive oil left in the jar: use it for cooking and to season your salads!

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