Orlandi Passion

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Orlandi Passion

Although Orlandi passion has been in business since 2015 in the Marche Region, the love of its founder, Mauro Cipolla, for coffee dates back in his DNA to 1917 to his families coffee store El caferin in Milan. In the 70's he learned how to roast coffee on 1940's Wood Fire Roasting Balestra brand Neapolitan machineries. In 1983 he founded Caffè D'arte in Seattle Wa. From Italy to Seattle and from Seattle back to Italy, with his travels around the world, the passion for the proper Made in Italy of old times, for technology , and the innate feeling for nature and botany made Mauro Cipolla the perfect roaster and lecturer at International Conferences.

1917 El Caferin, Milan Italy.

1985 founder of Caffè D'arte of Seattle Wa. 

1987 Founder of the first Coffee Academy in the world.  
1989 Pioneer of the first educational videos of latte art
2003 Speaker at the World Conference on Coffee and the SCCA in Atlanta where he presented the purgying method for the extraction of coffee. Today used all over the world.
2004 Indicated by Gourmet Retailer as one of 50 characters who has given more in innovation and research to the specialty coffee.
2010 Created a new and unique combustion chamber in the world for roasted coffee to make it more digestible.
2016,2017 Gambero Rosso Tre Chicchi e Top Food International Gambero Rosso
2018 Speaker at the first specialty coffee conference in Milan with Coffee Festival Milano.

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