Olio Costanza

Viale Eduardo Spalanca, 92020 Racalmuto (AG)
Olio Costanza
The story of our extra virgin olive oil started long ago but it is always present and near us; among the fields of Sicily in the territory of Grotte and Racalmuto at a height of about 500 metres above the sea level. 

Two generations ago, before becoming oil millers, we were farmers. We believe that knowing how to cultivate the land has taught us a lot about what we love doing now. All the knowledge that we have today derives from our daily contact with the land. Today we still pick by hand our olives as they did years ago and then we put them into special ventilated baskets. They are then transported to the oil mill where they are grounded. all is done in a few hours.

Our daily production is about 3000 litres and our product range includes 5 types of oil and 3 different mixtures developed for our customers.

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