Nino Gandolfo

Nino Gandolfo
Nino Gandolfo's winery is located in the extraordinary and unique terroir of western Sicily, more precisely on the southern slopes of the historical city of Salemi, on the 14th May 1860 by Giuseppe Garibaldi for one day called the first capital of Italy. 

The winery was established in the early 1960's by Nino's father Pietro Gandolfo, who from the beginning chose to grow as well international as autochthonous varieties. All these years the Gandolfo wines, full of fine fragrance and flavour, have been synonymous to quality. In 2004 the company management passed to Pietro's son Nino, who, with unchanged passion, continuously sets out to obtain fantastic and distinctly Sicilian wines, nowhere else to be found. The extraordinary climate of Sicily, together with the splendid composition of the soils, the appropriate processing of the vines and the grapes, and the skilful treatments in the cellar, lead all together to the creation of wines with unique organoleptic qualities that are more and more appreciated on the national and international market.

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