Voc. Morami - Panicarola, 06061 Castiglione del Lago (PG)
An extensive agricultural property linked to the Morami family since the 1600s where inside there are various farmhouses including an elegant country house on the southern shore of Lake Trasimeno.
The excellent exposure and these lands suited to a prestigious viticulture, have meant that the vines could give the best of their own personality with wines rich in aromas and flavors.

There could be no greater desire than to conceive and produce a precious wine that would give the Morami family the possibility of maintaining a link with the history of the family itself and a gift to the land to which they are inextricably linked.
That's why we looked at the traditions and new trends, we chose the best grapes and the most promising synergies to make sense of a story that we bring to you through a wine that, we are sure, you will remember over time.

Company Details

Categories Wine & Spirits
Certificates -
Distribution Channels Ho.Re.Ca
Year Established 1998
Worldwide Presence Belgium
Targeted Countries Poland
Produces Private-Label Not Specified
Employees 2


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