Molino Moras S.r.l

Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Via Palma, 40 Trivignano Udinese (Udine)
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Molino Moras S.r.l
We are a family of millers, since 1905 we have proudly and passionately handed down the noble milling art.
Ours is the sixth generation that deals with respecting the traditions of the past by combining them with technological innovation to offer soft wheat flours with high quality levels.
We transform the soft wheat into many flours suitable for the preparation of bread, pizza, focaccia, cakes, fresh pasta and much more. We have always paid much attention to nature and our raw materials are carefully selected; Inside our flours there is only the goodness of the wheat from which they derive. By choice and for our values we do not insert any chemical or additive that can stabilise our products.
Our flours are alive, natural and artisanal.
Each of us supports the other, and our work puts us in touch with beautiful people, customers and suppliers, who want to make happy with quality products.
The Moras mill is for us a place of doing but also the place of the meeting. We love our work and act as spokesperson for a true and sincere product that knows how to make a difference, because carefully cared for, studied and improved every day.  
To believe that we can change the world and change it, starting with a grain of wheat.

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Categories Pasta, Rice, Flour & Pizza
Certificates ORGANIC
Distribution Channels
Year Established 1905
Worldwide Presence Austria, France, Portugal, Switzerland
Targeted Countries Denmark, Finland, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden, United Kingdom
Produces Private-Label Not Yet
Employees 17


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