Via Vische 24, 13040 Moncrivello (VC)
MIRBì - Organic & Transformed Blueberries

The company was founded in 1990, in the splendid context of the morainic amphitheater, on the hills of Moncrivello.

Blueberry producers, the company develops arriving in 2002 where the transition to organic takes place.
Since 2008, part of the production is transformed into recognized products of excellence in the area such as nectar (WITH ORGANIC sugar or WITHOUT sugar), smoothie, compote and pulp, syruped blueberries, all in different formats, and all certified by the CCPB srl .
In recent years we also serve several GAS (Solidarity Purchasing Groups) throughout Italy, being equipped for deliveries with express courier to 24h from the harvest.
Mirbì was really a forerunner in the cultivation of blueberry, so much so that the Blueberry Festival organized by the City of Moncrivello, very famous, is made possible thanks to our production. We were the first to believe in a different model of agriculture, to bet that our hilly land can produce something different from wheat and corn, something that is good for health and respects the environment: the blueberry is in fact a nutraceutical product for a thousand reasons: anticancer, for sight, for inflammatory diseases.
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