Mare Più Srl

Via Arno, 7 63824 Altidona (Fm)
Mare Più Srl
MarePiù travels all around the world to find the best that Mother Nature can offer. It chooses carefully the fish to process in order to offer on customer’s table the whole flavour of the sea.

Its leading items are those au gratin: a tasteful mix of bread crumbs, oil and natural flavouring which intensifies the flavour of fishes; they are soft inside and crunch outside. Being inspired by local traditional sheep arrosticini, MarePiù has thought to a fish version: little cubes au gratin of squid, tuna and swordfish.
The list of fishes au gratin also include scallops, mussels and skewers.

MarePiù has continually been searching new ideas to mix together sea and land by using fish and vegetables in order to prepare healthy and tasteful dishes. For the most demanding customers MarePiù proposes the superfrozen as basis for sashimi and sushi.

You can be tempted by fried seafood specialities and fishes coming from the Adriatic Sea.

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