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LEMON MARMALADE (240G or 360G) - TERRA AQUA Featured Image


This lemon jam is made with "special verdelli" lemons from trees grafted by the Famulari family of Messina, Sicily, in the 1960s.
Ingredients: Brown sugar, "Famulari" lemons with peel, citric Acid, fruit’s pectin. Fruit used: 45 g for 100 g Total sugar: 60 g for 100 g. No addition of concentrated fruit, preservatives, colorings or gluten.
Recipes & Pairings: To be consumed fresh or at room temperature. Ideal as spread on slices of hot bread, such as cake filling. It goes very well with soft and aged cheeses at any time of the year. In case you would like to match this jam with Yogurt: Sweet. With cheese: Burrata; Gorgonzola cheese, from Fossa, Sardinian Pecorino, Pecorino Romano. With fish: anchovies, mackerel, sardines or natural sarda; Fried cod; Creamed cod.
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