L'Isola D'Oro Srl

Via Marco Emilio Lepido 89, 43123 Parma (PR)
L'Isola D'Oro Srl
Thanks to the years-long collaboration with Food Bloggers with whom the company has a lively exchange of ideas and original recipes, L’Isola D’Oro opens its window on the world.  

The L’Isola D’Oro is indeed a fish preserve company, but also an antenna tuned in the universe of food. All our products can be used straight from the packs, the way they are without the need to be cooked, or as top quality ingredients for salads, sauces, dressings, pizza toppings and paninis, stuffings, flavour enhancers, homogenized products, smoothies, etc. They are sources of proteins, omega 3, mineral salts and vitamins, delivered in an easy and appetising way. A healthy habit, a wave of taste with sprays of contemporary energy.

A delicious habit that rewards your health, a wave of taste with sprays of contemporary energy.

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