Latticini Orchidea

Via E. De Filippo 12, 80048, Sant'Anastasia (NA)
Latticini Orchidea
Latticini Orchidea is a historic brand, among the eldest of the excellence dairy of the Campania region, symbol of absolute excellence and tradition that is handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years.
Authenticity, freshness and delicacy of taste are the characteristics that distinguish the quality of Latticini Orchidea products.
But sometimes quality alone is not enough to make a product unique.
It takes commitment, passion and a pinch of tradition.
Latticini Orchidea started its history back in the 19th century from the market of Porta Nolana, one of the oldest in the city of Naples. From that market they travelled and, year by year, story after story, they enhanced their wisdom and got the right mix of craftsmanship and modernity.
Today, Latticini Orchidea offers itself as the ideal partner for the professionals of catering and Ho.Re.Ca sector who wish to use high quality products.

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