La Peschiera

Via Ludovico Ariosto, 34 - 87100 (CS)
La Peschiera
The firm was established by the Longo family in the second half of 1700. It was a liquorice factory. Thanks to its high quality, the liquorice was exported in Northern Europe and it was so wellknown to be mentioned in the Britannic Encyclopedia.

Around 1880 the factory expanded so much that the farm became a rural village, with schools and a church, where workers' families lived.
At the beginning of 1900 Luigi Longo and his wife Virginia Bombini inherited the firm. They ran it with great tenacity and strenght going through two World Wars for over 60 years.

At that time the farm had an extension of thousands of hectares where different cultivations and breeding were developing, among which the silkworm breeding. Moreover, the surrounding forests provided wood for the shipping industries in Northern Italy.

After the Second World War the government expropriated the landowners thus reducing the extension of the farm.
During the 70s their niece, Virginia Bombini jr, together with her husband Fernando Gallo stepped in the managment of the farm and renewed it thoroughly. They reclaimed uncultivated lands and planted new orchards, olive groves and vineyards, thus giving the farm its current structure.

Today La Peschiera is a farm run by their son Alessandro Gallo who, together with his sisters Daniela and Flaviana, take care of its production.

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