La Latteria

Portal Way, North Acton, W3 6RT, London
La Latteria

(Re)create the authenticity of Home away from Home.
Italians love food. It makes us happy. And we love sharing it with people who enjoy it as much as we do. So, let us share it!!

As we say in Italy: “C’è mozzarella … … e mozzarella” (trans: “There’s Mozzarella … … and then there’s mozzarella”) and once you’ve tasted an authentic fresh mozzarella, you’ll know exactly what this means - when served at room temperature within few hours from production so that its full flavor, milky texture and inimitable taste can be truly enjoyed. If there is a gastronomical nirvana, we would dare say: this must be it!

Our promise? No more will you need long trips to sunny Southern Italy to experience the ultimate freshness, taste and texture of authentic Italian fresh cheeses!

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