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Balseto Laudense

Balseto Laudense ancient origins date back to the feudalism period in Lodi territory. History books report that Balseto was originally used in addition to water to quench the thirst of the reapers who worked hard in fields. After that, the Carthusian monks discovered its value as condiment for food and defined it "Licore de cucina dulce et agreste". Nowadays, Kopafood company has revived the tradition making it known throughout the world. Today the best restaurants use our Balseto to enhance the flavors of served dishes, with a touch of originality. It is a delicate sweet-sour condiment with golden hues, made from the juice of Trebbiano grapes and wine vinegar. Its pleasant notes perfectly enhance the taste of food, without covering up the flavors or changing the colors. The harmonious balance between acidity and sweetness makes it the perfect condiment nor only for raw and cooked vegetables but also for meat and fish dishes.

Two sizes available: 250ml and 500ml.
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