Il Germoglio di Volpe e C snc

via Luca Blesi 56, Acqui Terme (AL) ITALY
Il Germoglio di Volpe e C snc
Since 1988 we believe that the quality product is given by the craftsmanship of the production, the careful choice of raw materials and the attention to every detail. Our production derives from a long research in Italian culinary history, enhanced by creativity and ingredients of the Piedmontese tradition. By craftsmanship we do not mean exclusively top quality ingredients or ancient recipes, but above all the maintenance of production gestures that make each single product a unique example. The refined skills and the experience accumulated during these years have taught us that each production phase has its importance. The product is the only protagonist, dictating the times and rhythms of the processing which, combined with the skill of expert hands, allows to maintain a high level of quality over time.

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Categories Bakery, Confectionery & Snacks
Certificates -
Distribution Channels diretto e indiretto
Year Established 1988
Worldwide Presence Bulgaria, France, Germany, Switzerland
Targeted Countries France, Germany, Italy
Produces Private-Label Yes
Employees 11


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