Fratelli Marano

Via Garibaldi 3-13, 87032 Amantea (CS)
Fratelli Marano
The Marano family works the precious Fico Dottato Cosentino, transforming it into a very high quality confectionery product since 1930, the year in which Bartolo Marano elaborated the secret recipe handed down from father to son.
The original molasses with the scent of cinnamon, laurel, myrtle and other natural aromas jealously guarded by the Marano Brothers, is the secret touch that, combined with the unique characteristics of the Dottato, makes the Marano Figs unmistakable.
The Marano Brothers, heirs of the family recipe, prepare the mixture late in the evening, after the last of the collaborators left the laboratory. The following morning, the secret ingredient is ready to turn the Cosentino figs into fine Marano Figs, fruits soaked in sweetness!

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