In 1877, the Moscone family started up a wine-producing business in Monforte d’Alba, exploiting the exceptional
quality of the soil and the grapes found in the Langhe region. Over the years and thanks to the family’s dedication,
the business proved so successful that it allowed heirs Giacinto and Livio, together with Livio’s wife Luciana and their daughter Sara, to inherit a real treasure, one to nurture and share with passion.

The Moscone family owns several hectares of land in the hills of Monforte d’Alba, particularly in Bussia, an area especially renowned for the production of wine thanks to its exposure and the outstanding fertility of the soil.
It is here that the most important Piedmontese wines, known and loved worldwide, are produced.

Identify, protect and value the quality of the wine. This is Cantina Moscone’s mission; a winery that strives to highlight the nuances and particular characteristics of all the wines it produces. This pursuit is supported by an important collaboration with an outstanding enologist: Donato Lanati.
A teacher of Enological Technology at Turin University and the founder of Enosis Meraviglia, the research centre dedicated to enological development. He is a highly esteemed and world-renowned consultant on account of his scientific approach to the search for perfection in the quality of wine production.

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